Martiri della Libertà
31051 FOLLINA (TV)
C.F.: DBSMRC74C23L407K
P.IVA: 04821040260
Iscr. Albo Ag. Imm. TV-BL n° 2030 Iscr. Ruolo Periti ed Esperti n° 499
+39 3206211430

Our Company Identity

     marcodebiasiagenteimmobiliare is an enterprise that, having always followed an exceptional code of conduct, provides professional services with high standards of quality in the real estate field, principally engaged in mediation in the sale and reantal of real estate, as well as complementary professional consulting and services, distinguishing itself for fundamental values ​​and essential principles, professional competence and integrity.
     Born 46 years ago in Treviso where he studied and began in 1996 as a practitioner in a historic agency in the city, the company founder Marco De Biasi is a trainee for real estate training and real estate agent, admitted to the Treviso Real Estate Agents at n ° 2030 passing the exam in the first round in 1998. In the meantime he rapidly develops his professional interest in the properties with particular landscape, architectural and historical-artistic features of the territory of the Treviso Prealpes, of the Prosecco Hills that UNESCO has inscribed as a World Heritage Site, and other premium areas, of which Follina, where he lives and exercises, is a center of gravity and where it matures and consolidates over the years its experience and an important network of professional relationships, choosing only qualified partners to ensure a complete and thorough knowledge of the real estate market in the context where he operate. In addition, the network of contacts and selected partnerships of marcodebiasiagenteimmobiliare is able to access also to the most exclusive clients, national and international, and to the market of the luxury real estates.
     Supporting the fundamental importance of quality in professional services provided in a delicate sector such as real estate, assures its customers absolute serenity and certainty by constantly attending professional refresher courses and refresher courses.
     To further guarantee the efficiency and professional quality, it is also included in the Role of Experts, at the Register of Technical Consultants at the Treviso Court to carry out the consultancy activity in the estimates and assessment of real estate, and already in the Register of Creditors.
     He is one of the few real estate agents in possession of the ISO IEC 17024: 2012 Professional Certification obtained according to the UNI PdR 40: 2018 reference practice. Since 2005 he is an active member of the Italian Professional R. E. Agents Federation and has been awarded the title of Expert Investigator for the Real Estate Observatory. Since 2017 he has been a member of the Academy of Qualified R. E. Agents.
     In addition, the most demanding customers looking for further pluses of reliability and transparency, absolute guarantee of impartiality, confidentiality and utmost discretion, will find them.
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